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Tips For Deciding On Your Future Home

Deciding on a home and a piece of property to have it built or live on can be a daunting task.  There are so many different types of homes available, lands packages to consider and even what your future goals and aspirations may be for your home.  To help you understand these more contacting a real estate agent for smithfield va real estate can be a good idea to get you started down the path to a great home.


The location of the house is vital.  If you build your house and discover that it is not a good place to live, you can’t simply pick up your house, throw it into the back of your car and move it to a new location.  Deciding on the location for your house should be your first priority. 

When looking at your location taking into consideration your closest neighbor, access to a store, school, work and civilization as a whole should all be considered.

The land

The land is going to be a major decision.  With a house you can change things fairly easily, but carving in to the land and the surrounding views can be an impossible task.  This is why finding the perfect piece of land, the view and even the orientation of the house can be a major factor in your purchasing decision.  Some of these can be compromised on where others will be complete deal breakers.

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Home floorplan or layout

Once you know where your home will be the next part to consider is the layout or floorplan.  The floorplan is how the house will look, feel and breathe.  Deciding on a single story or a double and even a triple can be a huge decision.  Where will the bedrooms be and who will have them?  What about disabilities or aging requirements?  Will it be better to have a single story in our old age or will a double be fine?